Maryan Mehlhorm 2016 Collection

The designer swimwear Maryan Mehlhorn has created can be found on the Swimwear Emporium site, so you can choose your favorite.

Swimwear Maryan Mehlhorn
Bright and trendy, slimming and unique, innovative yet not over the top – that’s the type of swimwear Maryan Mehlhorn has been creating for over four decades. She continuously manages to capture the spirit of the time and design exuberant swimwear.

Swimwear Maryan Mehlhorn designs
Maryan Mehlhorn is a leading international swimwear brand dedicated to creating figure flattering, graceful swimwear, tailored meticulously, and offering the perfect combination of feminine delicacy and high fashion.

Head designer, Maryan Mehlhorn, is truly a visionary when it comes to designing swimwear and resort wear. For decades, her swimwear designs have been on the forefront of the swimwear industry, earning her multiple international awards such as designer of the year in 2010, swimwear brand of the year in 2011 and the SOUS award for cleverly shaped swimwear line.

Basically – Maryan Mehlhorn understands women and fashion and knows how to create exquisite swimwear which is both fashion-forward and functional.

Maryan puts emphasis on designing swimwear which accentuates the feminine silhouettes – form fitting one or two piece swimsuits as well as an entire line of elegant resort wear and cover-ups.

Maryan Mehlhorn at Swimwear emporium
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You can look through the wonderful swimwear Maryan Mehlhorn has to offer on the Swimwear Emporium website and get a taste of the flashy colored, bold shaped choices and figure flattering design concepts Maryan has to offer this year.